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The Emperor and His Rose Garden


Written by Robyn Stone-Kraft
Illustrations by Adriane Zonker
Soft Cover 58 pages, 5" x 8"
ISBN 978-1-940992-28-0

In this new collection, poet Robyn Stone-Kraft artfully overlays the essence of traditional tales with her own perspective. The realm of wicked queens,
lost children, and forgotten gods shines through the clear, thoughtful lens of her writing. Enchanting illustrations from artist Adriane Zonker enhance these
beautiful poems offering a fresh vision that resonates in a modern world.

About the Author

Robyn Stone-Kraft is a life long reader, writer, and cat devotee. She lives with her husband and a large furry family of rescued animals. While procrastinating, she enjoys playing video games, hiking, knitting, drinking wine, and not cleaning the kitchen. She does believe strongly and passionately in literature, education, and the value of the arts, but she only really gets into a sermon when bribed with a good Pinot Noir ... or an attentive and captive audience.

About the Artist

Adriane Zonker lives in Cincinnati and works as an e-Learning developer by day and a proud nerd by night. To be honest, her non-nerd disguise is about as convincing as a pair of glasses, which she wears of course. An avid supporter of all things fantasy and sci -fi, combined with a healthy appreciation for the dark and macabre, Adriane spends countless hours doodling, day dreaming, watching, reading, and gaming in her free time. Patiently she waits for the day when she will get her very own super power, she's hoping for telekinesis or teleportation, the latter one specifically so she never has to get on an airplane again.

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