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Silver Leaves Issue 5: The Hobbit


Please note that Silver Leaves print prices listed here are inclusive of shipping for the individual item only. 1 print issue of SL is $35. Ships from Canada.

Magazine 111 pages eBook Format: PDF


  • Alicia Angst: A New Year Begins
  • Anastasia Green: Re-imagining The Hobbit: Interview with Jemima Catlin
  • Sarah Bauerle: ‘A Clear and Distant Light: Beowulf and J.R.R. Tolkien’
  • Mark Bednarowski: Introduction to Issue 5 contributions
  • Mark Bednarowski: Plight of the Dwarves
  • Mark Bednarowski: A Wizard for All Seasons
  • Mark Bednarowski: The Book of Oxford
  • Mark Bednarowski: Timeline of The Hobbit
  • Bernadette Barnes: A Hobbit Awaits
  • Bernadette Barnes: Gardening
  • Stephanie Chan: Interview with Heath Dill
  • John Cockshaw: Evening at the edge of The Shire
  • John Cockshaw: Shire dwelling and a well-kept garden
  • Kathyrn M. Colby: Battle of the Mavens
  • Kathryn Darden: Halfling from the Shire
  • Kathryn Darden: Her Face in Dreams
  • Kathryn Darden: Dwarves acrostic
  • Kelly Cowling: ‘Archetype and Signature: Tolkien and the Vedic Poets’
  • Abigail Fielder: HobbitCon report
  • Joe Gilronan: Finding My Way To Middle-earth
  • Dan Hollingshead: Frodo Walking Under Starlight
  • Peter Kenny: The Golden Tree
  • Peter Kenny: Mushrooms
  • Ryan Marotta:The Hobbit’: An Unexpected Hero’
  • Missy M. McClure: Ever Skies
  • Paul R. Miller: The Assignment
  • Paul R. Miller: Concerning Hobbits
  • Paul R. Miller: A Sonnet for Hobbits
  • Lewie Nerino: Born of Hope review
  • Kelly Orazi: ‘The Elves of Rivendell: A Comparison of the Manuscript and Published Hobbit
  • Sultana Raza: Keen on Tolkien (published in “Ancient Heart Magazine” and “Beyond Bree”)
  • Sultana Raza: Tolkien’s Legacy
  • David Rowe: On The Hobbit dramatisation
  • Lee Shamblin: The Hobbit film review
  • James Spahn: The Last Letter of Peter Morgan
  • James Spahn: Fool of a Took
  • Robyn Stone: Spring, Cloaked
  • Jonathon Svendsen: Escaping the Nursery: The Hobbit as a Coming of Age Novel
  • Kris Swank: Elthaleen
  • Kris Swank: Evanescence
  • Kris Swank: Goblin’s Banquet
  • Kris Swank: Half-Knight
  • Constance G.J. Wagner: Brave, A Bedtime Poem for Young Hobbits
  • Constance G.J. Wagner: ‘Daring to Dream Out Loud: Kate Madison and Born of Hope’
  • Constance G.J. Wagner: ‘Frodo and Faramir – Mirrors of Chivalry’
  • Constance G.J. Wagner: ‘All Middle-earth’s a Stage’


  • Born of Hope production stills
  • Jef Murray: Dwarf
  • Jef Murray: Various sketches and paintings
  • Alberto Ramirez Jr: Bilbo meets Gollum
  • Cassandra Stevens: Bilbo and the Arkenstone
  • Chris Mills: Smaug Comes to the Lonely Mountain
  • Daisy Brambletoes: The Legend of Mad Baggins
  • David DelaGardelle: Balin
  • David DelaGardelle: Baggins
  • David DelaGardelle: Thorin
  • Ekaterina Kovalevksay a: Dwarves at Bilbo’s House
  • Joe Gilronan: Bilbo’s Adventure
  • Joe Gilronan: The Last Harvest
  • John Cockshaw: Evening at the edge of the Shire
  • John Cockshaw: Shire dwelling and a well-kept garden
  • Jenny Dolfen: Elvenking
  • Dan Hollingshead: Frodo Walking
  • Samantha Gillogly: Gandalf
  • Colleen Doran: Hobbit Feet
  • Sultana Raza: Hidden Valley
  • Jay Johnstone: Bilbo icon
  • Jay Johnstone: Thorin icon
  • Jay Johnstone: Gandalf icon
  • Jay Johnstone: Gandalf head icon
  • Danielle Storey: Beorn
  • Danielle Storey: Barrel Rider
  • Danielle Storey: Out of the Frying-pan into the Fire
  • Danielle Storey: Bard the Bowman
  • Danielle Storey: Bilbo and the Trolls
  • Graeme Skinner: Rivendell sketches
  • David Wyatt: Gandalf at Bag End

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