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Silver Leaves Issue 1: Inaugural Issue


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Magazine 57 pages eBook Format: PDF

“We hoped to put together a journal that is lovely to read, with a great mix of academic, articles, reviews, fun snippets, creative pieces and gorgeous artwork. As a team we’ve been dreaming of this for a while and it was difficult to be patient and let it evolve . . . We wanted this journal to highlight not only the academic and creative work that Tolkien inspired but also the incredible generosity of spirit that exists within this community. Silver Leaves is intended to celebrate that and focus our readers on important ways that we can help others.” ~ Lara Sookoo, Editor in Chief


  • Tom Shippey, Tolkien Connections
  • Robert Hierholzer, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in a Hobbit?
  • Steven Dueck, Middle-earth Crossword
  • Kathryn E Darden, A Man Like You
  • Dr Dimitra Fimi, A Note on Turin and Oedipus
  • Kerri-Anne Cundill, Hope
  • Kerri-Anne Cundill, Candle of Hope
  • NC Graham, Firelace
  • Laura Hwee & Charity Yang, Wellinghall Smial: Tolkien Day Report
  • Gerda Marz & Jo-Anna Dueck, Tolkien Lecture Series 2007
  • Sunny Timmons & Ted Nasmith, Remembering Professor Daniel Timmons
  • Rebecca Kirkland & Bruce Hopkins, The Journey Continues for Reclaiming Our Youth
  • John Adcox, Can fantasy be myth? Mythopoeia and The Lord of the Rings
  • L Lara Sookoo, Defending Middle-earth From Charges of Racism
  • Janet Brennan Croft, How I Learned More About Hobbits
  • Michael DC Drout, Some thoughts on reading The Lord of the Rings aloud
  • Amy L Timco, Weavers, Witches, and Warriors: The Women of The Lord of the Rings
  • Kerri-Anne Cundill, When Fear is Near
  • Steven Dueck, Phrase to Phrase
  • Martha Kosyfi, Ancient Greek Gods and the Valar
  • Kathryn E Darden, Finding God in the Lord of the Rings
  • Patricia Scovil, The Lord of the Rings, The Musical: A Review
  • Artwork by Jef Murray

“This journal is a milestone of our dedicated team. We grew together, laughed together, wept together, worked hard together, and now… The result is before you. I am thankful that we persisted; that each of us has strong points and together we make up a cohesive whole . . . May Illúvatar, himself, shine his blessing on this début release of Silver Leaves.” ~ Jo-Anna Dueck, Journal Administrator

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