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Phate: Art prints


IN THE FAR DISTANT FUTURE, in a forsaken galaxy of dying stars, Drinwor Fang, the dusk elf Emperor of the Sky, plunges into a desperate battle against the Devil King of the Dark Forever. Thus begins the last great war between good and evil. As the struggle begins, and the cosmic forces of light clash with a vast demonic horde, Drinwor learns he is being stalked by a fiend even more despicable than the Devil King. Enter Warloove, the vampiric Lord of the Dark Elves, who is obsessed with stealing Drinwor's sacred sunsword, and fulfilling the mysterious aims of his alien master.

With the fate of all eternity at stake, Drinwor must overcome his deepest fears, elude Warloove, and banish the Devil King forevermore...

Influenced by both the classical voices of literature and the visual immersion of modern cinema, Phate boldly defies traditional genres by catapulting the reader into a frantically paced tale of unlimited imagination and deep emotion, where science fiction and fantasy seamlessly merge.



Artistic inspiration began at an early age for Chris Andruskiewicz. Being raised as an only child in a small town in Texas, she had to find creative ways to occupy her time and energy. With encouragement from her parents, she began drawing and painting as a form of expression. Growing up, a career in art seemed inevitable. She attended and soon graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science from the Art Institute of Houston in 1999.

Currently a professional graphic designer and sole owner of Sparrow Graphics, Chris’s design studio is dedicated to creativity and personal attention to detail. She specializes in many aspects of design and strives to not only meet her clients’ needs, but exceed their expectations.

As much as Chris enjoys graphic design, she continues to pursue her true passion of creating visually unique artwork. Her favorite collection, Nostalgic Seduction, combines the retro glamour and beautiful essence of women throughout time with a modern twist! 

In addition, Chris is passionate about capturing her surroundings through photography. Whether it be the beautiful white sand beaches of Florida, the many exotic plants and animals that have crossed her path, or the unique cultures of places in which she has traveled, she enjoys sharing those experiences with all.

Posters are museum-quality posters printed on thick, durable, matte paper, which is also archival and acid-free. Make a stunning statement in any room! 


For a single order of multiple prints & posters shipping to a single address, refunds for the inclusive shipping portion will be issued for the second and subsequent items. 

Please note: Please allow additional time for orders placed around holidays. International orders typically take 3-6 weeks to arrive depending on customs inspection and the local postal service. Customs and Duties fees may apply.

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