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The Road, Taken


Written by Janet Alvarez-Nelson
Illustrations by John Cockshaw
Soft Cover 228 pages, 8" x 8"
ISBN 978-1-940992-25-9

Emotional and evocative, the poetry of Janet Nelson-Alvarez takes the reader on the fundamental heroic journey.  The rough path under the hero's feet and the hardships faced are detailed with the same stunning beauty and insight as the soft whispers of a mother murmuring tales to her sleepy child.  Illustrated by the beautiful art of John Cockshaw, this collection is a stunning masterpiece of the distilled beauty of poetry.

About the Author

It must have been an omen of some sort that Janet Nelson-Alvarez was born in the very year that J.R.R.Tolkien’s “Fellowship of the Ring” was first published. And it didn’t hurt, either, that she had an aunt who fueled her love of imaginary realms and impossible places, many times by speaking to her (and insisting upon an answer) in rhyme.

The world of the 60’s was a fantastic, exciting place to grow up. So much wonder to throw into the stew-pot of a writer’s mind. And yet, at the end of the day, for Janet, it all came back to the far-off and yet resonatingly close world of Tolkien.

Today, Janet lives and writes in California. She has two children and a grandson.

About the Illustrator

John Cockshaw is a North Yorkshire-based artist and enthusiast of J.R.R Tolkien. He studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, earning an MA in Art and Design in 2003. Alongside exhibiting his paintings in the North of England, he began developing a photography-based project inspired by the landscape writing of Middle-earth as found within The Lord of the Rings. This inspiration powerfully proceeded an introduction to Tolkien via the New Line cinematic adaptations by Peter Jackson of 2001-2003. The cinematography and music of the films became potent forces of influence when combined with Tolkien’s realistic landscape writing to inform the photographic work. This richness of realism combined with the fantastic and mythical is what ultimately inspired John to develop the project into an extended collection of artwork. Beginning under the geographic title From Mordor to the Misty Mountains the collection will be published in an art volume by Oloris Publishing in 2015 entitled Wrath, Ruin and a Red Nightfall.

As the basis for individual pieces, the artist seeks out encounters in the everyday landscape that are bestowed with a sense of the Tolkienesque, and aims not for strict photo-realism but the qualities of the illustrative and the cinematic.

A new member of the Tolkien Society, John has exhibited his Tolkien-inspired art at Oxonmoot, Sarehole Mill in Birmingham, with the Sociedad Tolkien Española, at HobbitCon in Germany and NazgulCon in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Official artist blog: http://frommordortothemistymountains.com.

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