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From the Shire to the Sea: The Art of Joe Gilronan



Softcover 12"x9", 88 pages
ISBN 978-1-940992-43-3
Artist Joe Gilronan


From the Shire to the Sea: The Art of Joe Gilronan offers an intriguing look at the world of Middle-earth in the eyes of the artist.

The pages of this book of art are filled with beautiful, pastoral scenes from the Shire, yet span the spectrum to alarming pictures of the Ringwraiths on horseback. Text includes the artist’s comments about the image, the technique used, and his ponderings about the scenes in relation to the stories. Gilronan is very involved with the project, carefully selecting the works to be included in addition to writing the text.

The major influences on Gilronan are two artists: J.M.W. Turner, and his father, R.A. Gilronan, a successful landscape painter in his own right. The use of light in the paintings is done in such a way as to make it look real, much like the work of J.M.W. Turner. Joe Gilronan says that he wanted to capture Tolkien’s epic tale From the Shire to the Sea, hence the title. In doing so, he also allowed himself to imagine what may have happened during the times between the scenes described in the books - such as Hobbit friends out for a stroll, or Ents peering through the bushes. All the different scenes and textures work together to capture the many facets of the enduring tale.

About the Artist

Joe Gilronan is a full-time professional artist who has been greatly influenced by the works of Tolkien. He received a Fine Arts Degree in painting from Liverpool University and holds a Higher National Diploma in design and ceramics from the University of Wales. Originally from Chester, England, he has lived in Olvera, Cadiz Spain for the last 4 years. His works have been exhibited and sold worldwide. 



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