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Cathedrals of Summer


Author Robyn Stone-Kraft
Book format epub
ISBN 978-1-940992-38-9


Like a refreshing sip of summer chardonnay, poet Robyn Stone-Kraft offers a delightful, fresh sampling of summer poems in this collection. A wonderful book to read at the beach and slip into your own imagination, or in the depths of winter, by the fire, to recall the lovely summer days.

About the Author

Robyn Stone-Kraft is a life-long reader, writer, and cat devotee. She lives with her husband and a large furry family of rescued animals. While procrastinating, she enjoys playing video games, hiking, knitting, drinking wine, and not cleaning the kitchen. She does believe strongly and passionately in literature, education, and the value of the arts, but she only really gets into a sermon when bribed with a good Pinot Noir ... or an attentive and captive audience.



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