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Celebrating Black History Month February 01 2017

This incredible speculative fiction story was written by W.E.B. Du Bois and published in 1920. Enjoy this free PDF book. 

New Digital Art Prints! December 12 2016

We're excited to be able to offer digital prints that you can download right away and print at home! You can download any pieces of our printable art and have them in a frame and up on your walls in minutes. Browse our Digital Art Prints section! 

We'd love to see where you have your prints in your home or office! Send us a photo or tag us on Instagram at @olorisbookshop!

Have a favourite quote you'd like to see in our shop? We'd love to design something for you! Let us know at info@olorismedia.com. If we use your idea, you can expect a lovely gift as a thank-you!

"The Soul of Wit" to be released on July 8, 2016! July 02 2016

Many readers of classic literature, fantasy, and speculative fiction find that writing is contagious: they want to write like their favorite authors. From Hobbit Day (September 22) until Halloween 2015, Signum University ran its first-ever creative writing contest, hosted by Sørina Higgins, faculty member and Chair of the Department of Language & Literature. It was called the “Almost an Inkling” contest in honor of J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Charles Williams, and their friends in the creative writing group of Oxfordians that met throughout the 1930s and 40s. Many of the pieces submitted share something of their sensibility and their vision.

This contest called for submissions of tiny original works: creative, imaginative, wild, well-crafted pieces of what William Nelles calls “microfiction,” “flash fiction,” “sudden fiction,” “minute stories,” “short-shorts,” or what Luisa Valenzuela calls “iridescent insects.” These miniature works of fiction showcased writers’ skills in a microcosm, calling for deft handling of character, plot, action, and description in a bite-sized space—or the surface area of a smartphone screen.

Each week for six weeks, new prompts were posted, calling for minuscule stories on a variety of exciting topics. There were portals, dragons, knights, time travel, spells, and sonnets. Everyone was invited to submit entries to this contest; contestants did not need to be associated with Signum University or the Mythgard Institute to send in their work. Writers were encouraged to submit multiple entries to any prompt and to any week in any combination. The public was invited to vote on their favorite entries. There were one winner and two runners-up in two categories each week: one chosen by popular vote, one by the literary judges. There were frequently ties.

The result of this contest is a rich and varied body of short works of literature: immersive, captivating, speculative, funny, heartbreaking, breathtaking, and transcendent. Each is, in its own small-sized way, a work of compelling subcreation: the art of making a new secondary world out of pre-existing real-world and legendary elements in combination with astonishing imaginative creations. Perhaps Tolkien and Lewis would be proud.

The Soul of Wit will be released on Friday, July 8, 2016! 

Friday Freebies! May 22 2015

Happy Friday! Enjoy these free bookmarks from Oloris. Just download (right-click and "Save" to your computer) and print on to your favourite paper!


Free poems for World Book Night! April 23 2015

It's World Book Night? What will you be reading?

We're sharing poem postcards from our new Poetry Month books. You can download each by right-clicking and saving or you can download all six postcards here. We hope you enjoy them!






Poetry is Beauty Distilled - Oloris Celebrates Poetry Month April 01 2015

There are certain moments when everything seems perfect. The touch of breeze on your skin. The light through the trees. A smell lingering on the air. Everything just seems still, frozen for that one second. Beautiful. Perfectly crafted. Like a poem. Add the regular narrative of life and you may have an interesting story, but you lose that perfect moment. That is the difference between poetry, and other forms of writing. Poetry is that finely crafted moment, that almost fluke. That essence of beauty, distilled.

Certainly poetry has been other things through the ages. Epic, enthralling and inspiring. The sort of thing that enraptured listeners around a fire in the cold winter. Stories of heroes and quests, and the primal things that connect humans to each other. It's been elegant seduction, whimsical and witty, moving elegy, and sobbing confession. The styles have changed over the centuries, but the fact that it is words used powerfully has not. Poetry is the love of words, and images, and captured essences of truth.

In light of this, it is sad how poetry is often discarded. Students who want to be writers are often mocked, but at least there are examples of writers who can make a living at it. Poets, well, to be a poet is to often feel invisible. You're a writer, but not quite. You're an artist, but not quite. And when you tell someone what you do (always on the side, never for a living) you often receive a shrug and a, "I don't understand poetry." It seems pointless to protest that good poetry is felt even before it is understood. It seems pointless to argue that poetry was the heart of literature and many of our greatest writers were primarily poets. It seems pointless to ask where the poetry section is in the bookstore, because it's so small and dusty it breaks your heart.

Oloris is hoping to change that. We are hoping to offer a place to poets where their voices can be heard and treated with respect. Where the legacy of poetry is infused with new life. Where a love of poetry is openly admitted, and shared with others. Where that moment of distilled beauty is captured, and acknowledged. We hope you join us as we move forward, into this April as we launch our Poetry Division, and into the future as we hope to return the love of poetry to publishing.

“The Iron Parachute” By Cor Blok Soon To Be Released Through Oloris Publishing February 03 2015

An experiment in communication by artist Cor Blok to be released in Spring 2015.

Feb. 3, 2015 -- Pieter Collier of the Tolkien Library provided an exceptional description of  The Iron Parachute excerpted from information that Cor Blok once gave him.

“There is no ‘plot’ in the usual sense: the book is constructed rather like a building with many different rooms that may be visited starting anywhere."

Although the first pieces date back to 1967, Blok began working on the images in earnest in 1973, constantly refining the flow until he was satisfied. Now he has brought the book to completion and Oloris Publishing has the privilege of publishing Blok's incredible work of a lifetime.

Blok eloquently explains his work as it progressed:

"Most graphic novel writers will start with a story they want to tell and then choose a pictorial language that best suits the narrative. But when I started working on The Iron Parachute back in 1967, I had no idea of a story I would want to tell. Instead, I was prompted by a long-standing interest in the various ways in which human beings have been trying to communicate through pictures, from ancient Egypt and Mexico, the Book of Kells, and Persian and Indian miniatures to Krazy Kat and Batman comics and the pictographs that direct you to the emergency exit. For years I had been painting, but producing pictures that were mere incidents, so to speak, unconnected to everything else, no longer satisfied me. After all, I could fall back on a couple of years experience combining image and narrative working on my pictures inspired by The Lord of the Rings.

"When I decided, a few years ago, that The Iron Parachute was finished, it turned out that it contained not one but several stories, only loosely interconnected. Some of these are told in more or less traditional comic strip style, some in the format of an illustrated scientific magazine, or of a scene from a play; some are told in pictures only, without any text. Technique includes black and white pen drawing as well as collage.

"Putting so much stress on modes of visual communication does not mean that The Iron Parachute is all form and not content. On the contrary, the book just manages to sail clear of the danger of touching on 'nearly everything,' to quote Bill Bryson. It touches, in fact, on many things between cabbages and kings: from human microbiology to the Solar System and beyond; it touches on evolution and the history of man, on the arts and warfare, on myth and science. It explores possible ways to communicate on these subjects by means of pictures and poetic language."

Next year there will be a centenary of Dada to celebrate. I think I can claim some of the members of this movement for my ancestors as an artist."

The release date for The Iron Parachute will soon be announced. To stay informed of the progress, sign up for our newsletter below, like us Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Happy Holidays from Oloris! December 18 2014


Earlier this year, we took a step out on our own. A big, scary step. And you were all right there with us. Thank you so much for your support for this little enterprise. YOU are the reason we are here.

We hope to give writers, artists, poets, and creators in this inspiring community a place to be published, be recognized, be appreciated by all the rest of us. As we go forward, we'll be asking for your help and for your input. This swan ship can't set sail without you.

There are over 30 titles in our catalog and we are so excited to bring you books by people you know. We'll be looking to open more avenues for writers and readers in 2015, and there are many artisans we hope to work with to bring you book lovers some beautiful items. Once again, THANK YOU. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Oloris! We wish you the best of everything for 2015!

December 2014 Newsletter December 10 2014

Cor Blok, Martin Springett, Jenny Dolfen in 2015 Book Catalogue

If you've been waiting for one or some of our titles we have good news for you. Oloris Publishing will be releasing its 2015 book catalogue early next year and it includes fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art selections. Some names to expect are Jenny Dolfen, F.T. Barbini, David Rowe and Peter Kenny.

For fans of fantasy art especially look out for Cor Blok's and Martin Springett's title acquisition announcements on our social media channels soon.

Oloris Does NaNo, giveaways and more! 

Oloris Publishing has hit 700 likes on their Facebook page, which could never have happened without all the support and love from our loyal fans.  We ran a contest to get our name out there and offered ebook editions of all 5 issues of Silver Leaves as a prize. Shana Sullivan won the day, but we’re pretty sure that Oloris is the big winner here! And to show how much we love and appreciate you all, we’re already discussing future contests to reward your loyalty!

If you're a NaNoWriMo participant and you missed our announcement, this one is for you. Whatever the length of your entry, you can submit your original work to Oloris from January 1 to March 1, 2015 for consideration to be included in our first NaNo anthology. Read more here and a second announcement will be coming soon.

Call for submissions! Silver Leaves: Music in Middle-earth

After a year long hiatus, Silver Leaves is back!  We’re still open for submissions for our sixth issue, due out next year.

The theme of this issue will be Music in Middle-earth. Silver Leaves welcomes artwork submissions, and all academic, journalistic, reflective, and creative submissions pertaining to music in Middle-earth and fantasy music in general. There is also limited room for creative and non-fiction submissions relating to Tolkien’s works, or to other fantasy works, which may fall outside of the theme of Issue #6. Publication is set for September 22, 2015 in both print and electronic formats. The deadline for all submissions is May 15, 2015. Written and artistic submissions should be sent to SilverLeavesJournal@gmail.com.

Silver Leaves is now accepting musical compositions, both instrumental and vocal in audio format. We would also love spoken pieces that are in keeping with the issue’s theme. You may submit standalone scores, or accompaniments to your written pieces. Please note that laws on copyright also apply for audio submissions. By submitting, you are confirming that you own the rights to the piece, or if not, you have written permission, that you can provide to us upon request, from the original artist. Accepted audio submissions will be uploaded and streamed via SoundCloud. You can view our submission guidelines here.

What are Oloris authors and artists up to?

John Cockshaw has organised an exhibit, "Now Far Ahead The Road Has Gone: An Exhibition of Art Inspired by the Works of JRR Tolkien". Featuring his work alongside Canadian artist Ted Nasmith and Polish artist Katarzyna Chmiel-Gugulska, the exhibit puts the spotlight on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It opens on Saturday 13th December until 31st January (preview on Friday 12th December) at the Curzon Ripon Arts cinema in Ripon, North Yorkshire, UK to coincide with the cinematic release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Visit his Facebook page to keep up with the event!

If you're one of the lucky ones to participate in the 14-day Hobbit Premiere Tour in New Zealand by Red Carpet Tours, you can catch up with upcoming poet Peter Kenny.

Jef Murray is working on a new series of stories called Framerunners. Be sure to visit his website for more information about these exciting tales and, while you're there, sign up for his newsletter.

John Evans, author of one of our upcoming poetry books, is a prolific writer! He recently released The Late Emperor of the Sky through Lulu.com and has another book, Merriam due out by Christmas at the latest.

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Titles to warm the heart this season
Give the gift of reading this Christmas with our masterfully told holiday titles The Christmas Eve Deliveries and Tinsel: the Tree That Grew. Also for you to enjoy is Seer: A Wizard's Journal, republished in colour with added stories. All these titles are available in standalone softcover copies and in limited quantity gifting package.

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Happy Thanksgiving! November 27 2014

Wishing you all a wonderful and very Happy Thanksgiving!

Calling all NaNo participants! November 20 2014

Oloris is looking for writers to submit to their first ever Oloris Does NaNo collection. So whether you're plugging away on a novella or just trying to fill out your word count with a lot of short stories, we
want to see what you've done this month. (And if you're not signed up yet, there's still time! You may not manage 50k in half a month, but you can see how far you can get and set a personal best to beat next year!)

Give yourself a break at the end of November and then revise! Submissions will be accepted for Oloris Does NaNo 2014 from January 1st - March 1, 2015. Stories of any length will be accepted, so focus on writing a tight, well constructed story and worry less about word count.

The collection will be published as an ebook with all contributors getting a copy, which will also be on sale here in our shop! Those who have their work accepted will also be automatically entered into the running for an exciting prize, to be announced later.

We look forward to reading your work, and keep writing!

Christmas Magic November 14 2014

As Christmas approaches, there is a sense of longing, a certain kind of wishfulness that fosters its own special magic. Winding its way through various tales, that particular magic - Christmas Magic - has been captured in a trio of books from Oloris Publishing!



Seer: A Wizard’s Journal by Jef Murray. Travel through a kaleidoscope of short stories, poems, and lavish illustrations while rediscovering the magic of Christmas. Wait for a mysterious visitor in “The Watchman”, discover elves in “The Promise”, view portraits that change lives in “Pendragon” and learn to see again with the eyes of a child.

Enjoy a short excursion into Christmas Magic with The Christmas Eve Deliveries by David Scovil. Thomas is asked to deliver gifts by a shopkeeper on Christmas Eve. Since it will enable him to pay for the presents he wants to buy, he reluctantly agrees – as long as he can get home on time. Each delivery becomes an adventure as some of the gifts are opened. What started as a chore quickly becomes a wonderful experience, but the deliveries are taking a long time and Thomas promised his parents he wouldn’t be late….

Tinsel: The Tree That Grew, A Story for Christmas and Other Seasons by Kelsey Lobdell Schulz and Jared Lobdell. The best way to get a Christmas tree is to go out into the woods, find the perfect tree, and cut it down yourself. That’s what Dad does with the family every year. This time they find a tree that’s absolutely perfect. They take it home and the children make it sparkle, but after Christmas they notice something odd. What do you do when your tree continues to grow even after the holidays? Follow the heartwarming adventures of Steve, Liz and their brothers and sisters when they bring home Tinsel, the best Christmas tree ever.

All three books are a fun and magical addition to the family Christmas library!

A Hallowe'en Special! October 31 2014

Fresh for Hallowe'en, our "One Night of Freedom" mug featuring the charming artwork of Raffaella Zardoni and a small quote from our upcoming Christmas title "Tinsel" by Kelsey Lobdell Shulz and Jared Lobdell. The mug will be available for the next few weeks. Keep an eye out because "Tinsel" will be available soon in the shop with other goodies in tow!


The Howling Poets October 27 2014

We've got a new collection for Hallowe'en! The Howling Poets series features poetry from Oloris authors. This year we have gorgeous 12"x12" prints for you at $15 each. They will be available until November 15th!



Yay! We're aliiive! October 15 2014

Welcome to the New and Improved Oloris Bookstore!  We're excited to be back up and ready to greet all those who love books, beauty, and inspiration. Our infinite love and gratitude to all those who have supported us over a turbulent summer. We promise that we have a lot of exciting news and ideas to unveil as a reward!  Let's move forward together and pick up steam!  Hold on to your butts - and prepare to be Inspired!